We all strive to be creative — but we don’t always succeed. That’s why I’m sharing 9 awesome examples of creativity in business. Some ideas may seem crazy at first, but they’ll inspire you to come up with new ways of thinking.

Creative thinking leads to innovation. It helps us solve problems and overcome challenges. In fact, the ability to think creatively plays a key role in our success. The key ingredient to being able to apply creativity successfully is an open mind. If you want to take advantage of creativity, you need to embrace change and allow yourself to see possibilities.

Using Creative Thinking in Business

How can we be more creative? During this video series, we’re going to explore how we can improve our skills in order to work on ourselves from the inside out.

Here are nine tips for using creativity in business:

1) Be Persistent

Let’s face it, society gravitates toward results as soon as they appear. But when you find yourself in the midst of a situation, take a step back and analyze your effort. Getting what you want won’t happen overnight. Take stock of where you’ve been so far; if you’ve spent months trying to get there, chances are you have lost momentum. Rebuild slowly and keep working towards achieving objectives.

2) Avoid Comparison

When you compare your abilities against someone else’s, doesn’t it feel like you’re falling short? You start believing that you will never accomplish anything special. This state can cause you to give up faster than if you didn’t compare yourself to others. Remind yourself about your capabilities. Evaluate what you do well by asking yourself these questions: “What am I really good at?” “Where am I stronger in comparison to my competitors?” And remember why you started doing something in the first place. What were you passionate about? Why did you create a business?

3) Get Over Yourself

When you go into survival mode, you become self-centered. Instead, focus on the task at hand and let everything else fall away. Don’t worry too much about what other people say or do. You are here to help each other. If possible, avoid social media because its constant updates tend to make you feel anxious. If this happens often, then perhaps you should unplug completely.

4) Eliminate Distractions

Distraction affects the way we process information. We pay less attention to details because we’re worried about getting distracted later. Studies show that multitaskers perform better than single taskers. However, it isn’t efficient – focusing on one thing is valuable. Our brains are capable of understanding only four things simultaneously. Forcing ourselves to focus means eliminating distractions.

5) Create Shortcuts

If you want to move forward quickly, then try repeating tasks over and over. Write down common activities so that you don’t waste time on them. When you master shortcuts, you’ll spend less time creating content and more time enjoying life.

6) Start with Self Improvement

If you want to use creativity to increase profits and sales, then evaluate personal growth first. You can only grow personally if you realize your own potential. Seek opportunities to learn new things and build yourself through meditation, yoga, art, writing, and music. This type of growth allows you to understand who you are and what drives you.


All businesses, from simple goods retailers to entire online casino operations, run on ambition, and a whole lot of creativity! Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to conquer any obstacle that comes your way. Your goals might not seem reachable right now – but if you stay focused and positive, then your dreams will come true.